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Jul 7, 2013

Dada artist: Hannah Höch

photomontage & paintings of the anti-art movement
Platonische Liebe, 1930

For a Red Mouth, c.1967

On the Nile II, c.1940

Totentanz, 1940-42


Streit, 1946

Höch with two dolls representing her daughters, ph: Willy Roemer, c.1920

Two Dada-puppets 
original exhibited during Dada-Messe (Dada Fair), Berlin, 1920

untitled photomontage, 1930

 Raoul Hausmann and Hannah Höch, First International Dada Fair, 
Berlin, 1920, ph: Robert Sennecke

Watched, 1925

Liebe, 1931

Digitalis, 1938

with two Dada dolls, c.1920

Fremde Schonheit II, 1966

Self-portraits, c.1925-1930

Dompteuse (Tamer), 1930

Strange beauty, from Ethnographic Museum, 1929

Grotesque, 1963

Angst (Fear), 1936

Hanna Höch portrait by Hans-Jörg Schütt, 1967
(sources: here, here & here)

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