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Oct 31, 2009

neon lighting

Welsh artist Michael Bosanko worked on developing his technique for five years. The images in his photos were taken with a long exposure on a digital camera.

In his words, "The inspiration for Light Graffiti came to me around five years ago when I was on holiday in Greece. I was taking a picture of a very bright moon one evening in Greece when I noticed a swirling effect because the exposure had been left too long."

Corn Circle

Spider from Mars

"What I feel I am trying to convey is a sense of an aesthetically pleasing shape that clearly does not belong in that particular place or area. To get the best results the shoot depends on the amount of ambient light that is available. If I am working in an urban environment like a city then there is lots of ambient light that means I have to work quickly," says Bosanko.

Armchair Alien


Light Years from Home

Green Dragon

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