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Oct 2, 2009

shocking photos that made history

Vulture Stalking Baby
by Kevin Carter (Sudan,1994)

Napalm Girlt
by Nick Ut (Vietnam,1972)

Matuschka - Beauty out of damage

Fire on Marlborough Street
by Stanley J. Forman (Boston,1975)

Afgan Girl
by Steve McCurry (1992)

The Harvest of Death
by Timothy O'Sullivan (Pennsylvania,1863)

Hutu man mutilated by the Hutu
by James Nachtwey (Rwanda,1994)

Palestinian Woman Pleads
by Francoise Demulder (1976)

Dying Soldier Hangs to Priest
by Rondon Lovera (Venezuela,1962)

Child holding hands with a missionary
by Mike Wells (Uganda,1980)

Death of a Loyalist Soldier
by Robert Capa (Cordoba,1936)

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