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Nov 27, 2009

Saga Sigurdardottir - a talented girl

Saga Sigurdardottir is a young photographer from Iceland who lives in London.
She recently did
her first shoot for Dazed & Confused - she also worked on the shooting for Kron Kron shoes
as well as on additional projects for upcoming fashion designers.

Underwater Godess

for Clare Bickford-Smith

Saga's blog, The Neverending Story is full of wonderful images..

for the norwegian magazine A Doll's House

for ReSolution

Saga has a real passion for photography. In her own words, "I started taking photos when I was eight years old. I used to live in a national park and I was fascinated by nature so my dad give me a camera. I come from a very creative family, my sister is studying architecture, my brother music, my father writes and my mother knits and they all have passion and respect for art. Photography became my form of expression. My first pictures were of my family and landscape photos. I love photography and I love the creative process of working with different people to create something together". (interview via w-o-w)

Fashion gets Physical
for Dazed & Confused (October issue)

Ballad of...

Walking on a Dream...

for DazedDigital

Saga by Katia Serek

Saga is also into fashion herself.
She is a vintage lover with great sense of style

more Saga's photos:

Secret Garden

Daughter of Darkness


backstage Nasir Mazhar

for I love Fake Magazine

by Tomihito Kono and Sayaka Maruyama

Saga is a talented person who creates artistic style photography.
Her photos are creative and inspirational.
I'm sure we will hear lots more about her in the future...

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