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Jan 24, 2010

butterflies & spiders

Spider Eyes
by Aurel Schmidt

by Courtney Brooke

Emily Sandberg
by Paolo Roversi, 1999

Carolyn Murphy

by Ruven Afanador

Kathleen Martyn


Bebe Daniels

butterfly hat & shoes
by Alexander McQueen

butterfly dress

butterflies... via

by Natalie Shau

via the BoudoirQueen

Patricia Arquette

Portia Freeman

by Mia Friedrich

Allegory of Silk
by Salvador Dali

illustration by Salvador Dali
for the
Divine Comedy

Les annees vous guettent
by Dora Maar

Arachne by Jan Dunning

by Ruven Afanador

Spiders by Louise Bourgeois

spider design

by Adolphe de Meyer

vogue china editorial

The Crying & the Smiling Spider
by Odilon Redon