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Jan 4, 2010

veils, mantillas & skeletons...

All is Vanity by Charles Allan Gilbert

Senorita Muerta by Laurie Lipton

Madge Bellamy

(spanish) mantilla veil & peineta (large comb)

Les Vieilles by Goya

Ballerina in a Death's Head
by Salvador Dali, 1939

by Salvador Dali, 1942

by Frida Kahlo

Madonna by Steven Klein
for the X-Static Process exhibition, 2003

Bernice Ackerman

english lace scarf of the 19th century

traditional spanish clothing

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

product vanity

vintage photo of a woman

Death Outside the Head-Paul Eluard, circa 1933
by Salvador Dali

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