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Mar 8, 2010

wild muses

Natalie Barney

Renée Vivien & Natalie Barney

Renée Vivien

portrait of Ida Rubinstein
by Romaine Brooks

Romaine Brooks - Self-Portrait

Ida Rubinstein
by Antonio de la Gandara

Ida Rubinstein by Valentin Serov

Ida Rubinstein

costume design by Léon Bakst
for Ida Rubinstein as Saint Sebastian

more designs by the Russian painter, costume designer & illustrator
Léon Bakst


  1. Hello there,
    I rally like the intrest you bring to me in your blog.
    The fashion is beautiful with an egyptian feeling.
    So, your blog has come to my attension for over a month now. loveing itt!
    m following you.
    follow mee!! please and thanku!
    lots of love-xoxox

  2. thanks for your nice words!