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May 7, 2010

bohemian family

Gypsy-like fantasies...

Augustus John, Family & Friends

Augustus John

Lyric Fantasy by Augustus John c. 1913-14


Dorelia McNeill

Woman Smiling
by Augustus John 1908-9

Woman by a Riverbank
by Augustus John c. 1910-12

Dorelia in a Black Dress
by Gwen John, 1903

Dorelia in the Garden at Alderney Manor
by Augustus John, 1911

Dorelia Standing before a Fence
by Augustus John c. 1903-4

Dorelia by Augustus John

Talitha Getty
by Maurice Hogenboom
Marrakech, 1971 (via corbis)

(source: tfs)


Augustus John with
Tallulah Bankhead and her portrait, 1929

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