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Sep 23, 2010


by Bert Stern

by Cindy Sherman, 1993

by Danil Golovkin

Guedra Dancers
by Irving Penn, 1972

Iselin Steiro
by Daniel Jackson

by Wendy Bevan

by Horst P. Horst

Etude sur le rEve de VEnus
by Horst P.Horst et Dali,1939

jacket by Frankie Morello

The Carrot
by Willem Frederik van Royen, 1699

Jack Nicholson

Pirate Jacket
by John Galliano, 2001

Union Jack jacket
by John Galliano, 1993

Flower (detail)
by Joos van Cleve

Mona Vanna Nuda
by Joos van Cleve

Sebastian Horsley

Tacie Emelyanova

by John William Waterhouse

Freddie Mercury
at his birthday party, 1985

Vincent Cassel

Death with a Flower
by Jean Carzou, 1964

Fish on a Bicycle (video still)
by Tony Kaye, 1996

Anna wintour

via Lady Lavona

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