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Oct 10, 2010

the 'hidden' dreams

of the notorious women of surrealism

Edith Rimmington
the decoy, 1948

Toyen (Marie Cerminova)
schalferin, 1937

Leonor Fini
the ends of the earth, 1949

red vision, 1984

Kay Sage
le passage, 1956

tomorrow is never, 1955

Dorothea Tanning
birthday, 1942

a little night music, 1946

Emmy Bridgwater
the fountain, 1945

Alice Rahon

Dora Maar
sans titre, 1934

unknown, 1936

Leonora Carrington
Adelita escapes, 1987

labyrinth, 1991

Méret Oppenheim
self-portrait: skull & ornament, 1964

object (le déjeuner en fourrure), 1936

Lee Miller
Nusch Eluard, 1944

ss prison guard, 1945

Frida Kahlo
las dos Fridas, 1939

Ithell Colquhoun
scylla, 1938

Mimi Parent
masculin-féminin, 1959

Diane, 1977

Francesca Woodman
from angel series, 1977-78

Eileen Agar
Eileen (1936) wearing her famous
ceremonial hat for eating bouillabaisse

angel of anarchy, 1936-40

Remedios Varo
mujer saliendo
del psicoanalista
, 1960

exploration of the source
of the Orinoco river
, 1959

Claude Cahun
self portrait, 1933

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