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Nov 26, 2010


The Brief Rate Psihonautics
by Andrew Polushkin

Salvador Dalí

by Adolf Wölfli

by Gervasio Gallardo

Marionnettes de Pilsner
by André Kertész, 1929

Angelique at the Salambo
by André Gelpke, 1976


Yvonne Craig

Anjelica Huston
by hairstylist & photographer Ara Gallant

Anna Karina

Yard by Allan Kaprow, 1961

Auto parts shop by Walker Evans, 1936


hair-head study, France, 1945

Esperanza Macarena

Christian Lacroix, fall 2009


Kinga Rajzak
by Tim Walker, 2009

by Marianne Breslauer

Melina in Puerto Rico
by Michael Garlington

Angela Dorian

by Silja Magg

by Nicole Maria Winkler

by Michael Garlington

Ossie Clark design, 1972

by Steven Meisel, 2008


Dorothy Sebastian
by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1920s

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