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Dec 29, 2010


Salvador Dalí with Egg
by Václav Chochola, 1969

The Erotic World of Salvador Dalí
Salvador Dalí for Playboy, 1973

Salvador Dalí & Françoise Hardy

Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man
by Salvador Dalí, 1943

Woman with Egg and Arrows
by Salvador Dalí, ca. 1978

Dali in an Egg by Philippe Halsman, 1942

The Electric Egg
by Ryszard Horowitz, 1990

Egg and Shellfish
by Man Ray, 1931

Five Eggs by Imogen Cunningham, 1951

Three Eggs by Imogen Cunningham, c.1928

Untitled (egg on plate) by Josef Sudek, 1930

by Leo Dohmen
(post-columbian period - source: here)

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