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Dec 20, 2010

Martín Ramírez

the individual vision of a self-taught, schizophrenic artist

Untitled (Courtyard), ca.1953

Untitled (Man-at-Desk)

Untitled (Madonna) ca.1950

Untitled (Madonna) ca. 1948-63

Untitled (Madonna) ca. 1950-53

(Tunnel with Cars and Buses), 1954

Untitled (Breck Girl), 1953

Untitled (Cat, Bird & Tunnels), 1950

Untitled (Horse & Rider)

Untitled (Rider on a Horse), 1954

(Horse & Rider with Large Bugle), ca. 1960-63

Martín Ramírez (right)
& psychologist-artist Tarmo Pasto

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