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Jan 17, 2011

"the divine exists in all things"

believes the contemporary Cuban artist Marta María Pérez Bravo
who uses Body as an artistic Medium in her dream-like staged photography

Mas que un arbol
(More than a tree)

Nunca Me Abandona
(It Never Abandons Me)

No Zozobra, la barca de la vida
(No Zozobra, the life boat)

Veer es Creer
(Seeing is Believing)

Viven del cariño
(They are nurtured by affection)

Echu Entregando
(Echu Offering)

Adimu (Offering)

Eshu Jugando
(Eshu Playing)

Tengo Todo Lo Que Me Falta
(I Have Everything That I Lack)

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