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Jan 9, 2011

Imogen Cunningham

a great photographer - i love her work!

Dream Walking, 1968

Dream, 1910

Money Plant, 1956

A Man Ray Version of Man Ray, 1960

Martha Graham, 1931

Remembrace of Things Past, 1970-73

Robert Howard Sculpture, 1926

The Voice of the Wood, 1910

The Wind, 1910

Blind Sculptor, 1952

Feet of Irene Bobbie Libarry, 1976

Lyle Tuttle, Tattoo Artist, 1976

Weston Cat, 1945

Another Arm, 1973

One of My German Dolls, 1972

Phoenix in the Mirror, 1968

Cemetery in France, 1961

Imogen Cunningham & Twinka Thiebaud
by Judy Dater, 1974

Imogen Cunningham & Ansel Adams
by Alan Ross, 1975

Portrait of Imogen by Henry Swift, 1934
(source: here)