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Jan 11, 2011

theme: the burial

The Burial of Atala
by Anne-Louis Girodet, 1808

Burial of Saint Lucy
by Michelangelo Caravaggio, 1608

The Bride's Burial
(unknown artist)

Evocation (The Burial of Casagemas)
by Pablo Picasso, 1901

Funerary plaque (ca. 520–510BC)
Death, Burial, & the Afterlife in Ancient Greece

Mummification & Burial Rituals
Mural painting-Ancient Egypt

The Bride's Burial
by George Adolphus Storey, ca.1859

L'Inhumation précipitée (The Hasty Burial)
by Antoine Wiertz, 1854

The Burial
by Bruno Epple, ca.1830

The Burial of Sarah

The Burial of Sarah
by Gustave Doré

The Burial of Lantane
by William D. Washington, ca.1864

The Burial of Count Orgaz
by El Greco, 1586

Burial of Gorky
by Hans Burkhardt, 1950

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