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Feb 12, 2011

theme: mourning

The Day of the Dead
by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1859

The First Mourning
by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1888

Alceste mourante
by Jean-Francois-Pierre Peyron,1785

The Widow's Mite
by John Everett Millais, 1870

In Memoriam
by Alfred Stevens, c.1861

In Memoriam
by Alfred Stevens, c.1858-61

The Mourning Widow
by Carl Wilhelm Huebner, 1852

La Douleur (Sorrow)
by Émile Friant, 1989

Valentine of Milan Mourning
her Husband, the Duke of Orléans

by Fleury-François Richard, 1802

Mourning for Icarus
by Draper Herbert James, 1898

Mrs. Howes in mourning dress c.1860s
(via the fashion criminal

Portrait of a Noblewoman
Dressed in Mourning

by Jacobo da Empoli, c.1600

by Umberto Boccioni, 1910

by Jules Charles Boquet

Virgin Mary Mourning
by Jose de Ribera, 17th century

The Mourning of László Hunyadi
by Viktor Madarász, 1859

Widow mourning in Egypt
artist unknown

Youth Mourning
by Sir George Clausen, 1916

A Young Widow
by Edward Killingworth Johnson

The Dowager Electress Palatine in mourning
by Jan Frans van Douven, 1717

Andromache Mourning Over Body of Hector
by Jacques-Louis David, 1783

Indian Widow
by Joseph Wright, 1785

Sigismunda mourning over the Heart of Guiscardo
by William Hogarth, 1759


  1. while I weep for Mrs Howe-The Dowager Electress Palatine shows a shocking lack of feeling. Beautifully pulled together. Wonder why the Alfred Stevens virginal white?

  2. I wondered that myself, augury. Perhaps an unknowing visitor?

    While these are heartbreaking, they are beautiful in their collective misery. Johnson's Young Widow especially reminds us of all a woman lost when she lost her husband so long ago. Not just her husband, and therefore her income, but basically her youth as well.

  3. I am mourning for my darling son and these images speak so powerfully to me. Thank you for posting them.