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Feb 20, 2011

versatile art

constructivism, russian design & photography by (anti)artists,
Alexander Rodchenko & Varvara Stepanova

Rodchenko and Stepanova, 1920s

Compass and Ruler Drawing
by Rodchenko, 1914-15

Alexander Rodchenko-Self-Portrait, 1920

Dance. An Objectless Composition
by Rodchenko, 1915

Popova's Studio by Rodchenko, 1924

Esther Schub by Rodchenko, 1924

The Critic, Osip Brik,
by Rodchenko, 1924

Fire Escape by Rodchenko, 1925

Pine Tress by Rodchenko, 1927

Stepanova & Rodchenko
'Wandering Musicians
' portrait,

in their studio, 1921

Stepanova by Rodchenko, 1925

Stepanova drawing design for textile, 1924

Design for Sports Clothing by Stepanova, 1923

Costume Design
for Theatrical Sports Demonstrations, 1923

Stepanova at her desk by Alexandr Rodchenko, 1924
(source: here)

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