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Mar 28, 2012


by Steven Klein, c.1993

Centuries-old Vessels
(via National Gallery of Art)

Bulle Ogier in La Vallée, 1972

by Suzie Q + Leo Siboni

by Agan Harahap

Vincent Gallo & Christina Ricci
in Buffalo '66, 1998

by Christine Elfman

Three Women with Three Wolves
by Eugene Grasset, 1900

Still Life by James Day

Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen

Jenny Rylance

Kurt Cobain

Lynn Redgrave & Rita Tushingham, 1967

The Devil Probably (poster), 1977

Allegory of Death
by Maximilian Pirner, 1895

by Michael Raedecker

Vintage Lady (© Burns Archive)

Michelle Pfeiffer

by Robert Runyon

by Richard Avedon

Sam Taylor Wood by Courtney Love
ph: Michael Evanet


  1. That "old" unknown photograph is by Christine Elfman :) .

    Well, the dress certainly is, it's part of her project: link.