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Sep 14, 2012

cinema: lost girls

in dark dreams..
Christina Lindberg in Thriller – A Cruel Picture, 1973

Jamie Smith-Jackson in Go Ask Alice, 1973

Natasha Gregson Wagner in Another Day in Paradise, 1998

Chloe Webb in Sid & Nancy, 1986

Bessie Love in Human Wreckage, 1923

Jennifer Connelly in Requiem For a Dream, 2000

Katharine Hepburn in Long Day's Journey Into Night, 1962

Kelly Lynch in Drugstore Cowboy, 1989

Natja Brunckhorst in Christiane F.– We Children from Bahnhof Zoo, 1981

Mimsy Farmer in More, 1969

Morven Christie in Hollow (short film), 2010

Kitty Winn in The Panic in Needle Park, 1971

Zoë Tamerlis Lund in Bad Lieutenant, 1992

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