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Nov 9, 2012

space & human forms

sculptures & drawings by Antony Gormley
tree without arms, 1988

learning to think, 1991

before, 2002

edge III, 2012

lost horizon I, 2008

feeling material, 2001-12

trajectory field, 2001

growth, 1987

night, 1983

quantum cloud I, 1999

song, 2008

spleen II, 2002

aniline dye, 1996-2001

transport, 2010

untitled, 1987
(source: here)


  1. Anyone can interpret art in their own way. I've never before seen the artwork of this artist and the first impression was that they are brutally honest. Most intrigued me "Transport", especially if you imagine the scene of the funeral in the church and soul that has just left the body and goes to heaven.

    1. Intriguing point of view, I like your visual metaphor...