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Dec 28, 2012


The Eastern Garden by Olivia Parker, 1980

Theda Bara in Forbidden Path, 1918

Bonto Mitsuye by Arthur F Kales, c.1925

 Jean-Paul Gaultier design, Vogue 1993

Maggie Rizer in Jean-Paul Gaultier
ph: Craig McDean, Vogue 2002

Self-portrait with Gun by Man Ray, c.1930

 Anita Pallenberg as the Black Queen of Sogo 
in Barbarella, 1968 

Catherine Deneuve

by Isabelle Dalle

Cher & Val Kilmer, 1984

A village school, Karpathos, Greece by Constantine Manos, 1964

Milgram Experiment Electro-shock generator, 1963

The Future as Afterthought by Edward Kienholz, 1962

It Takes Two to Integrate (Cha Cha Cha) 
by Edward Kienholz, 1961

Philip Kaufman, Brigitte Lahaie & Maïte Maille 
on the set of Henry & June, 1990

Tina Aumont

by Hans Feurer, Pirelli Calendar, 1974

vintage hearse

Andy Warhol by Mark Sink

design by Kosuke Tsumura

by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich