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Dec 23, 2012


unfortunately, sometimes terrible things happen before Christmas..
i guess it's the nightmare before Christmas
Melancholy by Francesco Hayez, 1842

Sadness by Noredin Morgan

scoppio by Escha Van Den Bogerd, 2006

The Soul Breaking the Ties That Bind It To Earth 
by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, c.1821

 Riposo by Escha van den Bogerd

 drawing from Stereoscope by William Kentridge, 1998–9

Phèdre by Alexandre Cabanel, 1880

Bouguereau - Biblis remastered version by MOTOM-MOandTOM

 complesso by Escha Van Den Bogerd, 2005


  1. I love sad pictures but I hope you are okay. Sending you blessings, xo

    1. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!! I guess that sometimes when we go through tough times we bring ourselves into a new reality where we see things differently and get to know ourselves better, realize our inner strength and take the next step...

  2. That Biblis is not by Bouguereau; it's a remastered version by MOTOM-MOandTOM on DeviantArt:
    More here: