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May 11, 2013

theme: the kiss

The Kiss by Nikiforos Lytras, c.1878

The Kiss by Hoff Rayner, 1923

The Kiss by Pablo Picasso, 1969

Elvis Presley kissing a young woman backstage in Richmond, 1956
ph: Alfred Wertheimer

Antonio Canova's sculpture Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss, 1787-1793

The Kiss by Robert Delaunay, 1922

Hercules and Omphale by François Boucher, 1735

Departure of the Amerigo Vespucci, Egypt 1963 
unknown photographer

Satan Watching the Caresses of Adam and Eve 
(Illustration to Paradise Lost) by William Blake, 1808

The Kiss by Carolus-Duran, 1868

The Kiss by Felix Vallotton, 1898

Sculpture The Kiss of Death, Poblenou Cemetery, Barcelona
artist thought to be Jaume Barba, or Joan Fontbernat, 1930

The Kiss of the Sphinx by Franz von Stuck, 1895

The Stolen Kiss by Jean Honoré Fragonard, c.1786-88

The Kiss, illustration by Jonny Burt

The Kiss by Auguste Rodin, c.1882

The Kiss of Judas by Cornelis Engebrechtsz, c.1500

Kiss from The Bordighera (Le Baiser), details 
by Helmut Newton, 1982

Kiss, prints by Andy Warhol, c.1963

Kiss by the Window by Edvard Munch, 1892

Marlene Dietrich kissing a soldier who returned home from war
by Irving Haberman, 1945

The Kiss by Roy Lichtenstein, 1965

The Kiss by Honore Daumier, c.1845-48

sculpture by Michael Alfano

The Kiss by Francesco Hayez, 1859

Kiss in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1945

Poster by Oskar Kokoschka (vampire's kiss)
advertising his play Murderer, the Hope of Women, 1909

The Kiss by Théodore Géricault, 1822

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, 1907-08

The Platonic Kiss by William Herman Rau, c.1901

The Kiss of the Enchantress by Isobel Lilian Gloag, c.1890

The Kiss by Theodore Jacques Ralli, 1887

The Kiss by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1892

The Last Kiss of Romeo and Juliet by Francesco Hayez, 1823

Secret Kiss, illustration by Georges Barbier 
for Fêtes Galantes by Paul Verlaine, 1928

A Little Coaxing 
by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1890

Fraternal Love 
by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, c.1851

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