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Mar 22, 2014

exploring mind-body dualism

artwork by Marc Quinn
Emotional Detox: The Seven Deadly Sins IV, 1995

The Zone (On the Beginning of Time) 2013

 'Marc Quinn' exhibition 2013

Flesh Painting 2013

Glove 2010

Matter into Light: On the Transformation of Energy, 2011

'Chemical Life Support' exhibition, 2005

Emotional Detox: The Seven Deadly Sins, 1995

'All of Nature Flows Through Us' exhibition, 2012

Kate, Sphinx - Marc Quinn, Gana exhibition, 2008

Matter into Light: The Discovery of Fire, 2011

Meditation on Illusion, 2007

Kate, Sphinx - 'Timeless Muses' exhibition, 2013

Before and After Humans, 2013

The Selfish Gene, 2007
(source: here)

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