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Aug 13, 2014

derfelict factories

& the industrial aesthetic
photography by David Lynch

Untitled, late 1980s/early 1990s

Untitled, 2000

Such shapes and textures and there’s a deep mystery . . . there are a lot of parts of the factories 
that are much darker and I always say whenever there is darkness, the mind kicks in 
and creates your stories and mysteries, and it’s all in there, a beautiful world.”

Untitled, Los Angeles, 1980

"I don’t like colour. I’ve taken colour photographs in factories and sometimes they’re kind of thrilling. 
But the real factories that I love, they’re black-and-white experiences. Colour putrefies them."

ph: Michael Muller

Untitled, 2000

"It’s just all these little parts catch the light in a certain way, it’s such a thrill. 
Beyond the beyond."

Untitled, 2000

Untitled (England), late 1980s/early 1990s

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