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Oct 18, 2014

Lee Miller: muse, model & artist

Untitled (Rat Tails) by Lee Miller, 1930

Untitled (Exploding Hand) by Lee Miller, c.1930

Walkway by Lee Miller, Paris,  c.1929

by Man Ray, 1930

by Edward Steichen, 1928

with Man Ray

by Man Ray, c.1930

by George Hoyningen-Huene for Vogue May 1931

by Man Ray

Lee Miller by Picasso, 1937

Picasso by Lee Miller, 1937

by Man Ray, c.1930

Lee Miller in Camouflage by David E. Scherman, 1942

Lee Miller in Jean Cocteau's The Blood of a Poet, 1930

by Man Ray, 1930

by Man Ray, 1932

in Chanel by Edward Steichen, 1928

with a Bubble Pipe by Man Ray, c.1932

A Bombed Chapel, London, 1940 by Lee Miller

Dead SS Guard in the Canal, Dachau, 1945 by Lee Miller

Egypt, 1937 by Lee Miller

The suicided Burgermeister’s Family, Leipzig, 1945 by Lee Miller

Man Ray & Ady Fidelin, Mougins, 1937 by Lee Miller

by Man Ray, c.1930

Picnic: Nusch & Paul Eluard, Roland Penrose, Man Ray & Ady Fidelin, 
Cannes, 1937 by Lee Miller

Portrait of Space near Siwa, Egypt, 1937 by Lee Miller

Street scene in Cairo, Egypt, 1937 by Lee Miller

Lee Miller & Roland Penrose, London, 1947

Man Ray & Lee Miller, London , 1975
(© Lee Miller Archives)

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  1. Her photos are so strong and so good - excellent composition!