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Nov 12, 2014

'the ambiguous realm of the undetermined'

artwork by symbolist painter Odilon Redon
The Golden Cell, 1892

Angel in Chains

Intelligence was Mine! I Became the Buddha (plate 12), 1896

The Boat (Virgin with Corona)


Madness, 1883

The Mask of the Red Death, 1883

Closed Eyes

Closed Eyes

Death: "It is I who make you serious; 
let us embrace each other" (plate 20), 1896

He falls, head-first, into the abyss (plate 17), 1896

Lady Macbeth

Mystical Conversation, 1896

Oannès: I, the first consciousness of chaos, arose from the abyss 
that I might harden matter, and give law unto forms (plate 14), 1896

Melancholy, 1876

False Glory, 1885

Still Life - The Dream, c.1904


Portrait of Madame Gustave Fayet, 1907

The Death of Ophelia, 1905

Ophelia, 1900-05


Eye Balloon 1898

The Yellow Cape, 1895
(source: here)

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