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Dec 24, 2010

Jacqueline Lamba

- Muse -
Jacqueline Lamba in an aquarium
by Rogi Andre,1934

Jacqueline Lamba with arrow
by Dora Maar

Breton dedicated L’Amour fou
(Mad Love, 1937) to Jacqueline

Jacqueline & André Breton
by Claude Cahun, 1935

Jacqueline with Crossed Hands
by Pablo Picasso, 1954

by Dora Maar

The Bride who Becomes Frightened When She Sees Life Open
by Frida Kahlo, 1943
(some people believe that Doll is identified with Jacqueline)

Jacqueline by Man Ray, 1930

- Life -
Jacqueline, 1935

Jacqueline & André Breton, 1935

Breton, Rivera, Trotsky & Jacqueline, 1938

Trotsky, Rivera, Kahlo & Jacqueline, 1938

Jacqueline & Frida Kahlo, 1938

Jacqueline & Jean-Paul Sartre, 1943

Jacqueline & André, 1945

Jacqueline, Aube & Merlin, Cannes, 1955

Jacqueline, 1960s

Jacqueline, 1985

- Art -
Baudelaire Love Genius 1 & 2


André Breton, Jacqueline Lamba, Yves Tanguy

For the pocket, 1935

The big mimetic

No title, 1943

lithograph, 1947

No title, 1949

Water Flowers, 1970

No title, 1975
(source: here)

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful post! Please do note that Picasso's portrait (and the photograph below it) is of a different Jacqueline, Jacqueline Roque, Picasso's second wife, and not of Jacqueline Lamba...