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Apr 5, 2015

the master of colour photography

- William Eggleston -
Untitled (Election Eve), 1976

Greenwood (The Red Ceiling), 1973

Untitled (Feet on earth road), c.1970–73

Untitled (Blue ceiling), 1970-73

Untitled (Freezer), Memphis, Tennessee, early 1970s

Untitled, Windsor Ruins, Mississippi, early 1980s

Biloxi, Mississippi, 1972

Southern Suite, 1981

Ancient to Modern

Untitled, 1969–74

For Now cover

Untitled, Los Angeles, late 1990s

Untitled, 2 and 1/4

Untitled, 1695-68, from Los Alamos

Untitled, 1970-73

Untitled, Memphis, Tennessee, c.1971

Untitled, c.1975

Untitled, 1971-74, from Los Alamos

Untitled, 1973

Untitled, 1974

Untitled, from William Eggleston's Graceland, 1984

Untitled, Mississippi, c.1970

Faulkner's Mississippi

Untitled (Girl with Ring), c.1968-72

Yellow Negligee, 1967

William Eggleston by Stanley Booth

Untitled (Red-Car), 1970-73
(All images © Eggleston Artist Trust)