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Nov 24, 2009

eccentricities: David Bowie

David Bowie was born in Brixton (England) in 1947. Although he remained a struggling artist for quite long time he achieved his commercial breakthrough in 1969 with the song "Space Oddity". Since then Bowie faced success on a massive scale and remained active for five decades.

Bowie also gained fame by reinventing his image very often and experimenting with the style of his music.

For years, Bowie's personal life was stormy due to his drug abuse problem. In 1972, he admitted he was bisexual but later, in 1983, he said that declaring his bisexuality was a big mistake.
He first marriage was to Angela Bowie. After their divorce, he married the Somali-born supermodel Iman and they have been living together since then.

Bowie has influenced several generations of musicians. His promotional-theatrical music videos as well as his live performances considered an innovation in the 1970s. He had been working on many different styles of music and experimenting with different-eccentric personas he created for himself on stage.
His glam rock style and androgynous figure (even his mismatched eyes) made him very popular at the time. Many people who watched his live performances agree that he is a real showman with a very distinctive voice.

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