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Jan 24, 2011

cross the line

Laura Bullion (1876-1961)
mugshot, 1901


Ed Gein (1906-1984)
Gein was taken to the state Crime Laboratory
to face a lie detector, 1957

Ed Gein's house

Ed Gein's house
from the book The Most Notorious Crimes In History

Bowl made by skull found in Ed Gein's house

Elizabeth Báthory (1560-1614)
also known as The Blood Countess

portrait of young Báthory

Báthory's blood bath

Elizabeth Báthory by István Csók, ca.1893

Cachtice Hrad - The Castle of Elizabeth Báthory

La Comtesse Bathory dansant sur le corps de ses victimes
by Roland Cat, 1966
(source: here)

Charles Manson (b.1934)

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