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Jan 25, 2011

put on your lipstick

Chantal Goya

Chloë Sevigny
by Kenneth Cappello

Brigitte Bardot

Helena Rubinstein Lipstick Ad, 1960s

Eckstein with Lipstick
by Ellen Auerbach, 1930

Vanessa Paradis
by Ellen Von Unwerth

Gertrude Lawrence, 1937

by Horst P Horst for Vogue, 1939

woman in the 1920s (via glamourdaze)

woman in the 1940s (via glamourdaze)

Lipstick stencil (via glamourdaze)

Kate Moss for Italian Vogue, 1992

Marilyn Monroe

Sky Ferreira

Sofie by Dmitry G. Pavlov

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